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Technical Solutions

ORSOL claddings have two ATEx approvals and have been validated in seismic tests, guaranteeing reliability and durability.

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The ORSOL solution for masonry and interior walls

IDEAPOSE® is our reconstituted stone wall cladding system for bonding to interior and exterior walls in new build and renovation projects. Since July 2021, ORSOL products have benefited from an ATEx (Appréciation Technique d'Expérimentation) case A n°2926-V1 issued by the CSTB (Comité Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment). This technical assessment aims to evaluate innovative products or processes by examining a dossier. This evaluation procedure was carried out by a committee of experts coordinated by the CSTB, which issued an ATEx attesting to the reliability of ORSOL facings and their IDEAPOSE installation process for CS4-coated concrete and RT3 substrates with no mechanical attachment, even above a weight of 40kg/m².

IDEAPOSE® process
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Document ATEx ORSOL 2926-v1
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Installation on ITE

The solution for exterior insulation

Insulation is a major economic and ecological issue, which is why ORSOL is able to offer some of its collections for installation on ITE. There are different ITE systems. Choose the best for your façade insulation!

Since 2022, the installation of ORSOL facings has been validated by ATEx ZOLPAN 2941-V1, authorizing the installation of the BRIQUE, BRIQUETTE, CAUSSE, MANOIR, MEULIERE and MIXTO collections on the ZOLPAN ARMATERM ITE system.

Other ITE systems accept our products. Because every system has its own specific features, we can carry out a feasibility study for your site, based on your substrate, on request.

Document ATEX ITE 2941-v1
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You have a completely different project in mind?

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Our test results

ORSOL invests every year in research to improve the quality and aesthetics of its products, and is involved in conclusive technical and seismic testing, a guarantee of reliability and durability.

Technical tests

Our products comply with building standards recommended by the CSTB. Consult the following list of product conformity criteria and references to technical tests for ORSOL siding and accessories:

LOGO Résistance eau

Immersion water absorption coefficient of 6.0% in compliance with NF EN 13198-2003.

LOGO Résistance chromatique

Solar absorption coefficient: < 0.7% (except Black, Anthracite, Rocaille Tone, Light Grey and Shaded Grey).

LOGO résistance flexion

Flexural strength: in compliance with NF EN 13 748-1: > 4 MPa.

LOGO Adhérence traction

Adhesion between adhesive mortar and facing under initial conditions + after freeze-thaw cycle: Complies with standard NF EN 12004: Tensile strength > 1.72MPa.

LOGO résistance gel

Freeze/thaw resistance: no appearance defects, spalling or flaking after 25 cycles to NF EN 13198.

LOGO Résistance feu

Fire resistance: European classification A1 (formerly M0).

LOGO Résistance compression

Compressive strength: f(c28)= 50 MPa according to NF EN 12 1390-3.


ORSOL products comply with the building standards recommended by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB).

Seismic testing

As part of our quality and safety guarantee, ORSOL carries out seismic tests on its stone facings. These tests are identical to real-life seismic conditions, and provide reassurance about the strength and durability of facings, whatever natural changes in conditions they may undergo.

ORSOL claddings have undergone seismic testing, guaranteeing reliability and durability. Download and consult test report no. EEM 21-05784 for a seismic test on a bonded facing masonry wall process.

Test report no. EEM 21-05784
PDF (2.5 MO)