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Façade de porte d'entrée moderne habillé de plaque de parement Rocky Mountain en ton naturel avec grande porte noire et fenêtrée autour.

Facade stone: the perfect blend of tradition and modernity

The timeless elegance of facing stone.

Facade stone is an invitation to architectural beauty. Whether for renovation or new construction, the use of stone cladding offers a timeless aesthetic that blends harmoniously into different home styles. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary look or rustic charm, stone cladding is a versatile choice that’s sure to meet your expectations.

Facade of architect's house clad in Rocky Mountain anthracite cladding
Special history Leman Window Collection Manoir

Infinite possibilities for renovation and construction

Cladding stone offers a wide range of possibilities for renovating or building your home. If you’re renovating a traditional farmhouse or longère, stone cladding helps preserve the building’s authenticity while adding a modern touch. Imagine a stone farmhouse with a renovated facade where each stone tells a story, offering a subtle blend of the traditional and the contemporary.

Rocky Mountain natural tone entrance from ORSOL

A wise choice for contemporary architecture

Contemporary architecture uses clean lines and natural materials to create modern, welcoming spaces. Cladding stone fits perfectly into this aesthetic, providing a warm texture and an interesting visual contrast. Whether to highlight the entrance to a house or to dress an exterior wall, stone or brick cladding offers an aesthetic and durable solution for architects and designers.

Doors and joinery, elements to be enhanced

The front door and joinery play an essential role in the overall architecture of a home. Façade stonework enhances these features, creating a beautiful, welcoming setting. A noble wood entrance door surrounded by natural stone cladding will give a home a prestigious and unique look. Architectural details come to life with the judicious use of stone cladding.

Entrance to a modern house with wooden door and wall clad with ORSOL's natural-tone Portland cladding

By playing with different textures and colors of stone or brick, create unique facades that reflect your style and add value to your property. Cladding stone is much more than a simple cladding, it’s an architectural statement that inspires admiration and pride.

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