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Espace de détente extérieure revêtit de plaque de parement Portland ton naturel de chez ORSOL avec plante cactus et rangement recouvert d'assise et de coussins jaune et blanc
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Low stone wall with BRIDOIRE wall cap from ORSOL

Add an architectural dimension to your exteriors

The secret behind the undeniable appeal of stone cladding for exteriors lies in its ability to redefine the appearance of facades, walls, low walls, gates and many other exterior elements. With a variety of styles available, it offers endless possibilities. Whether to dress terrace walls, highlight flowerbeds, delimit outdoor spaces, or sublimate gates, it adapts with ease to all configurations.

This makes it a preferred choice for landscapers and architects seeking to create aesthetic, coherent compositions in harmony with surrounding nature.

It’s a real ally for those who aspire to elegant outdoor design.

Water wall clad with ORSOL's natural tone Portland cladding, taken from the side. In the background: facade of a modern house with two brown outdoor armchairs
Pillar in natural-tone Cubik cladding

Similarly, facing pillars are an undeniable asset for enhancing the entrance to your property. Whether framing a gate, or simply adding an elegant touch to the entrance, these vertical structures clad in stone or brick cladding are a real invitation to discover.

The possibilities offered by facing pillars are vast, allowing you to play with shapes, heights and finishes to create unique creations. Lovers of contemporary design can opt for sleek pillars, complemented by stone cladding in modern hues, while fans of traditional charm can opt for warmly colored facing bricks to give their property a timeless look.

These structural elements add a strong architectural dimension that underlines the importance of the entrance, and creates an unforgettable first impression. Whether discreet and elegant or imposing and majestic, cladding pillars contribute to the visual identity of your home, and enhance the entire exterior design.

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