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I install it myself

Espace de détente extérieure avec mur revêtit de plaque de parement Portland en ton naturel de chez ORSOL face à une piscine Petit espace de détente au Laz' Hotel à Paris avec mur revêtit du parement Brique Black
How to lay facing stone?

ORSOL facings can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Some substrates require preparation before installation.

Installing siding yourself may seem daunting, but it's a task that's doable for most amateur do-it-yourselfers. All you need to do is be well prepared, with the right products and tools, and follow our installation tips.

ORSOL claddings are designed to be easy to install. Below you'll find the generic installation steps for all collections.On the other hand, certain collections and certain installation supports require additional steps. Please refer to the technical data sheet for the collection to be installed.

Quelques conseils techniques lors de vos travaux

Pose de parement

Preparing and laying mortar

Prepare the mortar according to the instructions on the bags. Apply ORFLEX HAUTE PERFORMANCE adhesive mortar to the substrate using a trowel. Butter the entire back of the facings, applying a coat 1 to 2 mm thick.

Beurrage de Mortier colle sur le dos d'un parement Causse ORSOL

Fitting accessories

Corners must be installed before facing. Glue the corners from bottom to top, swapping short and long sides from one row to the next. Lintels must be installed after corner chains.

Application de sillons frais à l'aide du Mortier Colle ORSOL

Siding installation

Lay your facing from bottom to top on the fresh grooves and press firmly to ensure good transfer and expel air. Open several packs to create the most random layout possible.

découpage ouverture poche à joint


Carry out grouting (in the case of jointed siding) 24 hours after installation, filling the joints with a grouting mortar.

Jointoiement des interstices entre chaque pierre de parement Causse de chez ORSOL

Filling the gaps

Fill the gaps between each stone.

Brossage des joints d'un mur revêtit de parement Causse de chez ORSOL

Brushing joints

When the joint starts to pull, brush it with a soft steel brush and finish with a quack brush.

10-year warranty

ORSOL products are guaranteed for 10 years. This warranty applies to the products and not to their installation, subject to the use of ORSOL substrate preparation and installation products and compliance with ORSOL recommendations, which can be found in the IDEAPOSE technical data sheets and collection technical data sheets.

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How to install pillars?

ORSOL gate pillars are decorative elements, not structural elements. Only the concrete filling inside the pillar elements will bear the weight of the gate.

Quelques conseils techniques lors de vos travaux


A solid foundation

Create a foundation reinforced with twisted irons.


Fitting the bushel

Position the cribs with the interlocking lip facing upwards, checking that the pillars are correctly aligned and applying a seal of polyurethane mastic between each crib.


Interior protective film

Place a film of polyethylene foam (supplied in the kits) inside the bushels over the full height of the pillar.



Fill the pillar with concrete at a rate of 1 ml / 24 hours. Level the surface at the last bushel.


Gluing the bonnet

Glue the cap in place after the concrete filler has dried.



To secure the gate, use a hole saw and concrete drill bits. No percussion drill. Drill the concrete filler.


Dowel fixing

Fix the dowels in the concrete filler with chemical sealant.



Spray waterproofing on all pillars for better protection.

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Entrée avec portillon et pilier Portland de chez ORSOL Muret de pierre avec chapeau de mur BRIDOIRE de chez ORSOL
How to install wall caps?

Wall caps complete a low wall and are designed to protect it. Most of our wall caps are designed with a water droplet to prevent water run-off on your rendered or clad garden wall or low fence.

Quelques conseils techniques lors de vos travaux


Hat selection

Choose a wall cap that extends beyond your masonry.


A level wall

Wall caps are installed on level masonry. Make a concrete base to ensure that your low wall is flat.



Mix the hats.


Double gluing

Double-glue, driving out air and leaving a 5 mm gap between each cap.



Grout the caps. The gasket provides a seal between the caps.


Maximum protection

Spray water repellent on all wall caps for better protection.

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