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Our products

Preparation and installation products

The guarantee of a job well done

ORSOL installation products ensure a job well done and allow you to benefit from ORSOL's 10-year product warranty.

Glue, joints, water repellents... our installation products are particularly well suited to the installation of our facings, pillars and wall caps.

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The range

A complete range to fit all our products

ORSOL installation accessories are specially designed for the installation of our products. They’ll enable you to install facings, wall caps and pillars, from gluing to protecting your products. Using our range of installation accessories brings you the ORSOL 10-year product guarantee.

Eligible substrates and their preparation

Some substrates require prior preparation. To check that the substrate accepts our products, under what conditions, and to find out more about the use of preparation products, please consult the “Acceptable substrates and their preparation” sheet.

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The Glue

ORSOL adhesive mortar offers superior adhesion and good resistance to temperature variations and substrate stress.

Available in white and grey. ORSOL products are double-glued.

To get an idea of how much glue you’ll need for your project, consult the glue consumption sheet.

ORSOL offers 1 type of adhesive mortar:

  • ORFLEX® HAUTES PERFORMANCES adhesive: for non-jointed facings on RT3 and RT2 substrates
Bag 25 kg for double-gluing installation
Shades Adhesive mortar: white, grey
Product warranty 10 years
SAC Mortier Joint Mur ORSOL sans fond

The Joint

Joint mortar is used to grout facings and is available in several shades to match your project.

To get an idea of the quantity of joint mortar bags you’ll need for your project, consult the joint mortar consumption sheet.

Illustration joint White
Illustration joint Beige
Product warranty 10 years
BIDON Hydrofuge 1L ORSOL sans fond

Water repellents

Water repellent protects your walls, both outdoors and indoors in damp rooms. This treatment should be repeated every 5 years for optimum protection of your facings, pillars and wall caps. Hydronoir is a tinted water repellent specially designed to match the anthracite shade of the Statur collection.

To get an idea of how much water repellent you’ll need for your project, consult the water repellent consumption sheet.

Protection Installation outdoors and in damp rooms
Shades Colorless, black (Statur collection only)
Frequency Operation to be repeated every 5 years
SAC Sous-enduit PREPABASE ORSOL sans fond


ORSOL undercoats are substrate preparation products designed for the installation of ORSOL products on exterior walls. Depending on the masonry material used for your walls, ORSOL offers 2 types of undercoat:

PREPABASE: undercoating for class Rt3 concrete breeze-block or masonry brick exterior walls (known as conventional substrates)

PREPATECH: undercoating for Rt2 and Rt3 lightweight concrete breeze-block and bonded brick exterior walls (known as Technical supports). The application of PREPATECH undercoating is combined with the use of ORSOL LATEX and ORSOL glass mesh.

To help you decide which undercoating to use for your substrate, consult the
eligible substrates and their preparation
For media not covered by this data sheet, please contact us. We can provide you with personalized recommendations and specifications tailored to your site.
To find out how much undercoating you need for your substrate, consult the the for preparation and installation products

Undercoating 25kg bag
Latex 5L can
Mesh 50 m roll
BIDON Primaire d'accrochage PRIMOMUR ORSOL sans fond

Bonding primer

Primer is an adhesion primer for interior walls made of plasterboard, cement-bonded brick and aerated concrete, designed to accept ORSOL products.

To find out how much primer you need for your substrate, consult the
the consumption sheet for preparation and installation products.

Packaging 5L can
Technical tools

Download the technical data sheets corresponding to the installation accessories, with recommendations for use and safety instructions.

PDF (0.2 MO)
Mortar Wall joint
PDF (0.3 MO)
Colorless water repellent and Hydronoir
PDF (0.2 MO)
Primer for interior walls
PDF (0.2 MO)
Preparing conventional substrates
PDF (0.2 MO)
Technical support preparation
PDF (0.2 MO)
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