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Muret d'eau habiller du revêtement Portland ton naturel de chez ORSOL prise de côté. En arrière plan façade de maison moderne avec deux fauteuils d'extérieurs marron
House facade with Olympe clay-tone cladding facing a swimming pool

Stone cladding for a softer pool area

When it comes to creating an attractive outdoor space, using stone cladding around the pool offers an elegant and durable solution. This timeless cladding brings a real touch of authenticity and warmth to the outdoor environment.

A blend of modernity and architectural tradition

Cladding stone adapts perfectly to both contemporary and traditional architectural styles. Whether you’re looking to create a modern facade with clean lines or restore the charm of an older home, the options for stone and brick cladding are vast. Give free rein to your creativity by mixing different types of stone or combining stone with other materials for a unique effect.

Outdoor relaxation area with a wall clad in ORSOL's natural tone Portland cladding facing a swimming pool.
Modern house with natural tone Portland siding from ORSOL opening onto an outdoor terrace bordering an in-ground pool.

Enhanced outdoor spaces

The pool is often the heart of the outdoor space, a convivial place where people gather to enjoy the sun and cool off in the water. The stone cladding used on a nearby façade, or on buried garden furniture, plays with shadows and contrasts, and elegantly reflects the sun’s rays, creating an ideal setting for moments of relaxation and conviviality.

Harmony with the environment

The use of stone cladding creates harmony between the pool and its natural surroundings. Stone walls blend harmoniously into the landscape, whether it’s a country-style house with a pool surrounded by rustic stonework, or a contemporary villa with a minimalist pool surround. Woodwork and other decorative elements can also be enhanced by contrasting with the texture of the stone.

Stone cladding around the pool offers an aesthetic solution to suit all architectural styles. It transforms the outdoor space into a warm, inviting place to share and relax. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, don’t hesitate to consider the use of stone or brick cladding to enhance your pool and make the most of your outdoor space.

Large low wall in natural Rocky Mountain cladding by ORSOL facing an in-ground pool and a wooden deck equipped with two outdoor seating areas.
House with clay-toned Olympus siding and night pool

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