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Brique ton rouge en pierre a pierre de chez ORSOL avec poêle à bois devant

Captivating atmospheres in the heart of the home.

Stone cladding, whether stone or brick, adds real aesthetic value to your living space. Used as an extension of the exterior, it offers a convivial decorative effect, playing a central role in the heart of your home. Whether you’re drawn to rustic charm or contemporary minimalism, let yourself be inspired by the endless possibilities offered by wall cladding.

S'inspirer collection Causse femme lisant dans le salon projet @lesensdudetail
Living room fireplace with natural Tahoe cladding project @julie.eye.see

Fireplace corner: an invitation to relax

Choose stone cladding in warm, textured tones that evoke the softness of winter evenings. Combine them with noble woods and soft fabrics to create a cocoon conducive to relaxation. Cladding stone, with its natural, authentic look, is the key to creating a warm, soothing ambience.

“A house is made of beams and walls.
A home is made of love and dreams.”

Architect house fireplace clad in stone-tone Manoir cladding
Contemporary living room with natural Manoir stone cladding by ORSOL

When rustic charm meets contemporary elegance

Cladding stone, with its refined texture, adds a touch of character to this timeless style. Opt for softly-toned, slightly distressed stone cladding to create an accent wall that transports your guests to another time. Play with clean-lined furniture, delicate fabrics and vintage objects to create an atmosphere that’s both romantic and modern. Every detail is reminiscent of French country houses, where charm blends harmoniously with refinement.

For an industrial effect, facing bricks with rough edges are perfect for creating a loft atmosphere.

Contemporary living room with ash grey Manoir stone cladding from ORSOL

Minimalist elegance.

For a sober, contemporary look, choose stones with smooth finishes and neutral colors to create a sleek wall that draws attention without ever dominating the space. The combination of stone, glass and metal adds a sophisticated, subtle touch. The play of textures and light created by the wall cladding will give your living room an artistic dimension. Every moment spent in this space is a true sensory experience.

Brécy IDFY salon
Rocky Mountain sheet cladding from ORSOL

Whether you want to create a warm ambience around your fireplace, merge past and present in a chic country style, adopt an elegant minimalist aesthetic or give your new home a unique character, cladding stone will enhance your interior design.

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