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Our history and know-how

The company

Stone has always given buildings an unmistakable look and character. A noble material, it can be reinvented to bring warmth and relief to any space, with naturalness and authenticity.

That’s why, in 1995, Igor SOLART, passionate about stone and architecture, created ORSOL, a French company specialised in the manufacture of high quality architectural elements (wall facings, pillars, paving, low walls, ….) in reconstituted stone to enhance homes and gardens.

ORSOL wants to give everyone the chance to enjoy the authenticity and nobility of this material by creating products that are easy to install, ultra-resistant and faithful to the original material.

Available in classic and contemporary collections, ORSOL products open the door to countless decorating possibilities that respect and enhance your heritage.

A fascinating story

The passion of stone, the emotion of matter

Façade d'un bâtiment réalisé par TRADI-ART Immobilier en parement Yosemite de la marque ORSOL

The beginning

Growing up in the Lot-et-Garonne and Dordogne regions of France, Igor SOLART was fascinated by architectural heritage and old materials, and was only 20 when he created his first products. Working alone in his studio, he reproduces Gothic fireplaces and other ornamental elements in reconstituted stone. Renovation architects spotted him and became his first customers.

In 1995, he created ORSOL, whose signature was "L'empreinte du passé". A first range of products for the general public was created, and enabled the company to make a name for itself at regional level with the Manoir and Briquette collections. The success of these products lies in their unrivalled aesthetics: ultra-realistic reproductions of aged stone.


The boom

ORSOL continued to expand nationally, then internationally: in 2000, the company built its first industrial building with a manufacturing unit in Saint-Quentin-du-Dropt (Lot-et-Garonne).

In 2005, the company generated sales of 1 million euros.

Parement Brikelia, briques en terre cuite


ORSOL diversifies materials and offers wall facings made from 50 to 100 year-old clay bricks: the Brikélia brand is born.

Parement Meulière construction neuve


By 2021, the company will have 83 employees and annual sales of 11 million euros. It is also the year in which the CSTB issues an ATEx certifying the reliability of ORSOL facings and the IDEAPOSE process.

Histoire particulières Leman Window Collection Manoir

An angel passes...

ORSOL has given its image a facelift with a resolutely contemporary new logo, incorporating the brand's core values of technical expertise, innovation and aesthetic appeal.

Cuisine moderne avec comptoir de cuisine en béton et mur en revêtement Rocky Mountain ton havane de chez ORSOL

Almost 30 years of experience

ORSOL products have made the company a success, and it now has over 4,500 customers and is involved in major real estate projects.

Our strengths and advantages

Our know-how at the service of your creativity

01. LOGO Savoir faire


For over 25 years, ORSOL has been creating siding by combining traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques, making it a leader and expert in its category.

02. LOGO Fabrication Française

Made in France

ORSOL is a 100% French company located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the cradle of its inspiration. Local sourcing and short distribution channels are systematically favored.

03. LOGO Qualité

Quality and durability

ORSOL claddings are high-quality alternatives to natural stone in terms of aesthetics, reliability and durability.

04. LOGO Choix


Shapes, textures, shades, effects... ORSOL offers an infinite range of solutions to meet your deepest desires.

05. LOGO Garantie

Guarantee and technical expertise

ORSOL facings come with a 10-year guarantee and an ATEx (Appréciation Technique Expérimentale) certification attesting to the reliability of the products and the IDEAPOSE process.

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