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Aged stone-look cladding panels

MANOIR stone cladding balances the styles of contemporary construction and raw material.
It blends perfectly with metal, glass and concrete, adding a warm, authentic touch to your décor.

Whether for new construction or renovation, MANOIR cladding asserts
the character of your home thanks to its deep relief, tonal nuances and imposing, irregular stone dimensions.


All ORSOL products are solution-dyed.

Need a customised shade? Contact us
Custom colours are available from a minimum quantity of 100m².


Relief and natural texture

MANOIR stones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
With the look of limestone rubble, their relief is marked and irregular to give a natural, authentic result to all walls.

Style Traditional
Aspect Limestone rubble
Texture Marked and irregular reliefs
Histoire particulières Leman Window Collection Manoir
The range

An extensive range for all home finishes

In addition to wall cladding, the MANOIR range offers a wide choice of accessories to complete your home’s finishing touches.
It can be used to create wall corners and door and window frames in new-build and renovation projects.

Wall cladding

Cours d'entrée avec portail et muret réalisé en parement Tahoe ton naturel de chez ORSOL

MANOIR wall cladding is easy to install thanks to its thinness. Layed stone by stone, it is grouted to finish.

Cladding Stone to stone
Finishing To be grouted
Thickness 3 cm


Histoire particulières Leman Window Collection Manoir

MANOIR corner chains perfectly mark the external corners of buildings. They can be combined with MANOIR or CAUSSE cladding or a rendered wall. The range offers 2 corner heights. Corner half-chains are used to create the internal corners of the walls.

Height 25 cm - 33 cm
Thickness 3 cm


Histoire particulières Leman Window Collection Manoir

Lintels from the MANOIR collection are ideal for door, window and bay frames. They are available in various sizes. Curved arches complete the line of accessories for curved doors and windows. Half lintels can be used to cover doors or windows fitted with roller shutters.

Lengths 80 cm - 120 cm - 150 cm
Thickness 3 cm

Integrate our cladding panels into your designs

BIM and texture files
Technical tools

For easy installation!

Technical data MANOIR
PDF (2.5 MO)
IDEAPOSE® process
PDF (1.7 MO)