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Natural elegance in dry stone

The Roca collection combines the natural elegance of dry stone with the simplicity of trellis installation. Available in two unique shades, variegated gray and bronze, this collection brings a touch of rustic authenticity to your walls, inside and out. With its quick, easy installation, Roca cladding is ideal for an effective, long-lasting aesthetic makeover.


All ORSOL products are solution-dyed.

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Custom colours are available from a minimum quantity of 100m².

Un chalet de montagne avec parement

Elegant dry stone

The ROCA collection is a tribute to the natural, rustic elegance of dry stone, evoking traditional architecture and charming landscapes. Each set harmoniously combines stones of different sizes, creating a rustic yet refined visual effect, perfect for enriching the aesthetics of any indoor or outdoor space with distinctive charm and easy installation.

Style Traditional
Aspect Dry stone
Texture Soft, fine grain
Maison d'architecte revêtit de parement Roca en ton bronze de chez ORSOL
The range

Quick and easy to install

The ROCA collection is specially designed for quick and easy installation. Its unique lattice assembly system allows the stones to fit together naturally, greatly simplifying installation. This intuitive design makes for smooth application and seamless aesthetics, ideal for elegant, uniform finishes on all types of surfaces.

Wall cladding

Un chalet de montagne avec parement
Maison d'architecte revêtit de parement Roca en ton bronze de chez ORSOL

ROCA siding is easy to install thanks to its innovative lattice assembly. This method, based on double gluing, simplifies installation and ensures a neat finish. ROCA’s unique design preserves the authentic look of dry stone, providing a natural aesthetic finish.

Cladding Cladding on trellis
Finishing Jointless
Thickness 3.5 cm


Un chalet de montagne avec parement

The ROCA angle adapts harmoniously to building interiors and exteriors. Roca’s unique lattice design facilitates alignment and connection at corners, while preserving the natural, rustic dry-stone look that characterizes the collection.

Height 11 to 30 cm
Thickness 3.5 cm

Integrate our cladding panels into your designs

BIM and texture files
Technical tools

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ROCA data sheet
PDF (2.3 MO)
IDEAPOSE® process
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Maison d'architecte revêtit de parement Roca en ton bronze de chez ORSOL