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Dry stone slabs for fast installation

This new collection combines the aesthetics of dry stone with the ease of installation of sheet cladding for rapid installation. Available in natural, shaded beige and golden beige, Tertus cladding gives walls an authentic look, and is quick and easy to install!


All ORSOL products are solution-dyed.

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Custom colours are available from a minimum quantity of 100m².


Warm dry stone

TERTUS cladding is reminiscent of the old buildings in the South of France, our vacation resorts and charming countryside.
Made from a combination of dry stone, the slab is a blend of bedding stones and small wedging stones.

Style Traditional
Aspect Dry stone
Texture Soft, fine grain
Façade de maison en parement Tertus à côté d'une terrasse en bois et d'une piscine creusée, à proximité d'une plage.
The range

Quick and easy to install

The complete TERTUS range includes angles for a perfect finish. TERTUS is designed in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle, allowing the panels to be nested inside each other for intuitive installation and to limit the visibility of joints between them.

Wall cladding

TERTUS is an easy-to-install cladding system, thanks to its low thickness and simple layout. Installed by double gluing, a thin joint between the slabs is necessary to prevent water infiltration behind the slabs, while preserving the product’s dry-stone appearance. Do not join the stones, only the slabs between them.

Cladding Sheet cladding
Finishing To be grouted
Thickness 3 cm


The collection is completed by a flat corner for perfect finishes. The TERTUS corner, designed to lie flat, makes it easy to dress up the corners of walls. For example, it will fit perfectly into a chimney flue.

Height 30 cm - 32 cm
Thickness 3 cm

Integrate our cladding panels into your designs

BIM and texture files
Technical tools

For easy installation!

TERTUS data sheet
PDF (1.8 MO)
IDEAPOSE® process
PDF (1.7 MO)
Tertus ton naturel